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At WipeRecord, we’re constantly trying to serve our clientele better by making our services more affordable as well as striving to provide excellent service.  A lot of our clients have more than one charge that they require to be expunged from their record.  Because of this, we offer discounts if you have more than one offense you wish to be expunged.  Whether you are eligible for two Texas expungements or an expungement and record sealing in Texas, California, Oregon or wherever, we will offer a discount if services are bundled together.

Let’s look at some examples:

1.  You have three arrests in California and you want that expunged.  You are also eligible for record sealing in California for another offense.  If you elect to do two, three or all four, we will offer you a discount!

2.  If you are on probation and wish to get off early, we can bundle that service with a record expungement and offer you a discount.

3.  If you are looking to clear your record online by removing your name from the numerous (over 40) online databases as well as seal your record in Oregon, we can bundle and discount those services too!

Do you have multiple offenses? Contact us for a free, confidential consultation with one of our Licensed Attorneys or Criminal Records Analysts to discuss your options. Our law firm provides discounts on addressing multiple charges, low-price guarantees, and  money-back guarantees on many of our services.  Do you still have questions? We are happy to answer them! Give us a call at (844) 947-3732 to speak with one of our Licensed Attorneys or Criminal Records Analysts today!”

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