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Can You Become a Security Guard with a Criminal Record?

We’ve all made mistakes in our lives, whether it be copying your friend’s homework, or taking an extra handful of candy on Halloween. But what happens when one or a few mistakes have the power to influence our futures? The negative consequences of a criminal record can be many. If one of these mistakes is preventing you from pursuing a career as a security guard, you do have options! Although it may be difficult to become a security guard with a criminal record, it’s certainly not impossible.

Security Guard Background Check

When applying for a security guard position, you should expect a background check at some point. Depending on the career path you would like to take as a security guard, the qualifications may vary. Companies are liable for whomever they decide to hire. The more responsibility involved with the job, the more verification and background checks will be in place. If you want to take a gamble and apply for a security job with a criminal record, find a job that’s most likely to consider you regardless of your record. For example, if you have a grand theft auto charge and you’re applying for a job as an armored vehicle driver, most likely you will not get the job. Let’s say you have a drug charge and apply for that same job. You likely have a better chance to be considered than the first applicant.

If you have a criminal record, and you’re worried about a background check, you may benefit from a record clearing service. Whether it be an expungement or record seal, there are several ways to overcome a criminal record. These laws always vary by state, but in most cases, will remove your record from the public eye. However, if you’re concerned about landing a job – as a security guard or otherwise – you may want to consider further options.

Certificate of Rehabilitation

For example, a certificate of rehabilitation can be extremely valuable, depending on the state. Certificates are offered by several states, and each pose a different purpose. Generally, a certificate of rehabilitation is a court ordered document that restores a person’s civil rights. It also certifies the recipient as being rehabilitated and no longer a threat to society. Essentially, this document states that although you’ve committed a crime, you’ve turned your life around for the better.

Receiving this certificate can also improve employment opportunities by prohibiting discrimination based upon your conviction. Again, every state has its own set of laws and different options. Along with California, there are several other states that offer a similar certificate: Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. Typically, the application process consists of obtaining your criminal record, completing the required forms, and filing the documents. Once submitted, there may also be a hearing on the matter.*

For more information on a California Certificate of Rehabilitation, or similar services, visit our website. Feel free to take our new eligibility test, now with an added e-commerce feature available to customers. Although these processes can be tricky, receiving this document could greatly improve your life. It’s always best to consult an attorney experienced in such matters for assistance.

[*] Each state’s laws differ, so be sure to consult an attorney for more information.

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