Wisconsin Troubled Youths Getting A Second Chance

Wisconsin lawmakers have begun efforts to sustain a bill under state law that would allow offenders from ages 17-25 to ask a judge to wipe their record clean if they complete their sentence. The request must be made at the time of the sentencing, but state representative Evan Goyke is confident the bill will do some good. “We are the only state in America that has that decision at the sentencing hearing,” Goyke states.

The bill would affect the process by allowing offenders to ask for expungement after their sentence, removing the individual’s offense from Circuit Court Access and deeper records utilized by employers for background checks. Goyke goes on to say, “Just imagine what it would feel like to be a young person and to wake up tomorrow with that scarlet felony conviction removed. The pep in your step to go back into the workforce and get a job.”

Alan Robinson, a 36-year-old with a criminal history – including a felony – views the bill as a step in the right direction for those who are having difficulty find work because of their past history. “I’m really hopeful and really confident that our community embraces a much more forgiving and sympathetic eye towards all of the members of this community,” Robinson says. “I think that your positivity, your motivation, all those things have to come from inside. A person has to be positively encouraged and motivated on their own.” (Source: Channel 3000 – Madison)

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