WipeRecord’s 2015 Goal

WipeRecord’s 2015 Goal

Happy 2015! Did you make any goals or resolutions for this year?  Our team at WipeRecord has a very simple goal for 2015: Help more people put their past behind them so that they can start living a better and more productive life.

Our team of expungement attorneys in Texas worked extremely hard in 2014 to help our clients expunge and seal many different types of records.  We received many emails, voicemails and even text messages thanking us for helping our clients get a new job, a new place to live, and a new life.  These are the reasons we love doing what we do.

Having a criminal record impacts many aspects of your life in America.  It can affect whether or not you can get viable employment in your community.  It affects whether you can find a suitable place to live, borrow money to start a business, or even travel internationally.  You never know if and when your past decisions will negatively affect you.

While we worked with hundreds of clients, some cases in 2014 stand out that we’d like to highlight. In September, after we finished a gun rights restoration case in California, our client wrote us a long email saying how grateful he was and he can now take his child hunting like his father took him when he was younger. After confirmation that his firearm rights had been restored, this client said to us, “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I’m a more confident father to my child as I can now lead by example and help him to hopefully become a valued member of our community and society.”

Just before Thanksgiving in 2014, we finished a misdemeanor expunction in Texas for a very special client of ours. When we gave our client the news that her past was now no longer going to haunt her future, she started crying on the phone.  She called us again after Christmas to let us know she got a job an record-keeper at an established manufacturing company just outside of Dallas.  Because I was on the team that handled this particular expunction case, I could hear how much better, happier and confident she sounded over the phone.  It was really night and day.  She came to us and she had little money for legal services.  However, our flexible, interest free payment plans allowed her to successfully complete her expunction.  The benefit of future employment opportunities following an expunction is well worth the cost of the legal services we provide.

There are many more stories/testimonials like this that we could share and we will be sharing throughout 2015.  There are many different types of records that our team can expunge.  If your record is not able to be expunged, we offer a full background wipe.

Regardless of what is on your record, our team can do a complete background check and determine which service is best for you.  You should also note that we have the lowest price guarantee in the industry coupled with a money back guarantee.  Contact us and let us help you put your past behind you and make 2015 fruitful and full of prosperity.

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