Uber Enters the Trucking World

Press a button, Get a load!

While you may think you can only use the Uber app to order a ride or food, you can now order a load for your truck! Enter Uber Freight, the ride-sharing company’s new solution to connect professional truck drivers to shippers. Designed to be a middleman in the scheduling process, Uber Freight takes the inconvenience out of those annoying phone calls needed in order to get a shipment. “We take the guesswork out of finding and booking a freight, which is often the most stressful part of a driver’s day,” Uber states in a Medium blog post.

On the Prowl

While Uber Freight is sure to make a splash, multiple other startups are taking aim at the ride-sharing giant to get into the trucking game as well. These include Convoy, Cargomatic and Trucker Path. Despite growth from these smaller names, Uber believes its technology and ease of integration into multiple new markets will help the company rise to the top in the freight game.

Faster Payments

Where truck drivers often wait days or weeks for payment confirmation on shipments, Uber Freight now makes it easier to receive this confirmation within a few days. “Uber is committed to paying within a few days, fee-free, for every single load,” the company states. “When things don’t go as planned or drivers have to wait longer than expected, we pay for that too.” Uber hopes this ease of access with payments will be the real eye-catcher in the trucking market. (Source: USA Today)

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