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Restoring Your Gun Rights in Illinois

About 2 weeks ago, the famous Magnificent Mile was looted. It got so bad that the city bridges were raised, and some train and bus services were suspended Monday morning after unrest and looting. These actions have caused widespread damage to the city’s downtown overnight. How did this happen? According to, “Police Superintendent David Brown told reporters that the Sunday afternoon shooting of the man who had opened fire on officers apparently prompted a social media post that urged people to form a car caravan and converge on the business and shopping district.” 

With all of this mayhem, it has prompted many people  – especially those living in Chicago – to seek options to protect themselves and their families. If you are and have been a law-abiding citizen and feel a firearm may offer suitable protection, you can most likely purchase one at a store. However, if you were convicted of a felony in Illinois, chances are that purchasing a firearm is not an option. 

The good news is that there are options for those who have been convicted of a crime to restore their right to purchase a firearm in Illinois.   

At WipeRecord, we have created an app that can tell you if you’re eligible to restore your gun rights in Illinois. The process takes about 5 minutes and is a great way to check your eligibilityYou can also read more about these services hereIllinois Firearm Rights Restoration. 

Oftentimes, it’s not too difficult to qualify to apply for a restoration of firearm rights. However, just because you qualify does not mean that you’ll win. In many circumstancesthe process is quite difficult, and certain places like Cook County frequently make it very challenging. Furthermore, the law is constantly changing in this area of law. Fortunately, our law firm has successfully restored firearm rights for several of our Illinois clients.  

If you’re interested in checking your eligibility to restore your gun rights in Illinois, take our free and confidential firearm rights eligibility test. 

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