Peoria Expungement Summit Helps 250 Individuals Take Step Forward

Prairie State Legal Services and Illinois State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth held and all-day event in Peoria entitled the Expungement Summit earlier this month.  Around 500 individuals with criminal records showed up, with 250 eligible individuals taking the first steps towards getting their record cleaned by filing their legal documents with 50 attorneys who volunteered to help out at the event.

Other local partners of the event, including Caterpillar Inc., Cabrini Green Legal Aid and the Peoria County Bar Association say that they plan to do more events like this summit. “I never expected this kind of turnout,” says Michael Brandt, chairman of the bar association’s pro bono committee. “It indicates that we have a great need for this service.” The next major steps for these individuals will begin in two months when many of them will go to court and a federal judge will decide if the records will be expunged or sealed. (Source: Peoria Journal Star)

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