Pennsylvania Misdemeanor Convictions Which May Not Expunged

Convictions for the following offenses cannot be expunged State of Pennsylvania:

  1. An offense punishable by imprisonment of more than two years.
  2. Four or more offenses punishable by imprisonment of one or more years.
  3. A violation of section 2701 (relating to simple assault), except when the offense is graded as a misdemeanor of the third degree.
  4. A violation of section 3129 (relating to sexual intercourse with animal).
  5. A violation of section 4912 (relating to impersonating a public servant).
  6. A violation of section 4952 (relating to intimidation of witnesses or victims).
  7. A violation of section 4953 (relating to retaliation against witness, victim or party).
  8. A violation of section 4958 (relating to intimidation, retaliation or obstruction in child abuse cases).
  9. An offense which requires registration under 42
  10. C.S. Ch. 97 Subch. H (relating to registration of sexual offenders).