Although many states across the country have widely expanded their laws for expunging criminal records, there are still many Americans who do not meet the requirements for eligibility. This leaves many people with records that cannot be sealed and civil rights that cannot be restored. Fortunately, a governor’s pardon may be applied for in some cases as a final chance to move past a conviction. When one thinks of a pardon, one may think of the President granting a pardon to a felon. However, these types of pardons are only available for federal crimes. State crimes, which can only be pardoned by the governor of that state, are much more commonly granted.  Most states allow for their constituents to apply for a pardon; and while we primarily focus on expungements, record sealings, and firearm rights restoration, we gladly offer tools for those seeking a pardon.

The following e-Books are provided with the intent to help readers become aware of their rights, determine their eligibility, and to better understand how the pardon application process works. Hopefully, by using this e-Book, applicants may be given the opportunity to have their civil rights restored, and to remove the stigma of having a criminal record. A pardon may not remove the record of conviction, but it could make a previously unqualified offense now eligible for expungement. Furthermore, obtaining a pardon is a distinct achievement to which is given high regard, as it is an executive order issued by governors to publicly state that the crime is completely forgiven.

It can be challenging moving forward in life with a conviction on your record. Because background checks are widely available, a criminal record can affect many aspects of life, whether it be finding employment, obtaining housing, or seeking to purchase and possess firearms. For those who feel they deserve forgiveness for their past mistakes, a pardon may offer some hope. Our e-Books could be your first step in attaining this great achievement.