Oregon Gun Rights Restoration

How to Restore Firearm Rights in Oregon

For those who enjoy hunting and owning firearms, one of the most frequent and lasting problems associated with an Oregon conviction is the loss of firearm rights. To many, the right to own a firearm is a fundamental Constitutional freedom held dearly, and the loss of Second Amendment rights can be devastating.  Having gun rights is inherently important to those who enjoy hunting and shooting sports, but many also depend on their right to own and use a firearm for personal protection or as part of their job.

In many states, being convicted of a felony, among other crimes, will result in the permanent loss of your right to own a firearm. Aside from obtaining a pardon from the Governor, which usually requires a very compelling case argument, your Second Amendment rights are forever lost.  Fortunately, Oregon’s courts can be quite liberal in restoring firearm rights to those who have lost them due to a criminal offense, regardless of whether you qualify for an Oregon expungement.

Relevant Oregon law permits those who meet certain requirements to petition the courts to restore their firearm rights, often giving the court wide latitude in firearm rights restoration.  Convictions for certain serious violent offenses will almost always prevent you from petitioning to have your firearm rights restored, but many other Oregon crimes do not effect eligibility.  To qualify to petition a court to reinstate your firearm rights, you must currently live in Oregon and one year must have passed since completing the terms of your sentence.  The process of petitioning to have your firearm rights restored by the courts takes approximately 4-7 months, so taking the first step now is important in getting your firearm rights granted.

As discussed above, the process for firearm rights restoration when you do not qualify for an Oregon expungement is highly discretionary. Therefore, your case is largely up to how well you present your contention, the nature of your previous crimes, and other factors to which the judge will examine.  As such, to increase your chance of success it is highly recommended that you hire an attorney experienced in Oregon firearm rights restoration matters.  The attorneys at WipeRecord, a division of the law firm of Eastman Meyler, PC, have experience in these matters. Our staff is more than happy to give you a free consultation to determine whether you qualify, as well as explain the process of restoring your right to own a gun in Oregon.  Give us a call at (844) 947-3732 today for a free, confidential consultation, or take our online eligibility test to better understand what your options are.

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  1. james a jeffers

    as I keep saying.im still waiting to hear back from some one of your so called legal experts as to whether they can or will try to get my gun rights back for me.?? as you just supposedly expunged my record and as ive said many times I was led to believe that was part of the deal,boy was I wrong.but now no one wants or has the balls to get back to me on this matter.

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