The Time is Now to Restore Your Firearm Rights

Restore Your Firearm Rights Now

The chaos this country has experienced these last few years has affected us all. Lockdowns, protests, and politics have fueled anxiety, panic, and fear for many Americans.  During all this unrest firearm sales have skyrocketed to all time highs. Along with all these sales, failed background checks have skyrocketed, preventing millions of Americans from purchasing guns.  Many of those people were rightly denied, but others could have legally purchased a gun if they had taken steps to restore their firearm rights.

I invite you to search “gun line” in a search engine and look at some images. When was the last time you saw this many citizens waiting in line to buy a gun? For better or worse, this is what civil unrest looks like in these trying times. If a gun is important to the safety of your family and you can’t pass a background check, the time is now to restore your firearm rights. 

Nothing is More Important Than Protecting Your Family

Americans purchase guns for many reasons, but these days most seem worried about protecting their families.  We believe that a mistake you made years ago should not interfere with your ability to protect your family.  This is why our law firm restores firearm rights for more Americans than almost any other in the country.  We fight for the 2nd Amendment rights of our clients as if we were fighting for our own. 

Millions of Americans Cannot Purchase Guns

Millions of Americans cannot simply go into a local gun shop and purchase a gun. Most often it’s because of a previous conviction showing up on the background check required when buying a gun.

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What can you do to pass a background check and buy a gun?

If you’re having trouble passing the background check because of a conviction, many states have laws that can help. Your ability to restore your firearm rights depends on many things, including, the state you were convicted in, what you were convicted of, how long its been, and other facts and circumstances. So what should you do next? The answer is easy

First you need to figure out whether you can restore your firearm rights.

This can be pretty difficult to the average American. Most states have complicated laws and you also need to consider federal law like the Gun Control Act. To help you figure out whether you are eligible to restore your firearm rights, our lawyers and software engineers have built a free, confidential Eligibility Test. This test is no replacement for an experienced attorney, but it should give you a good idea on whether you can restore your firearm rights in the 22 states we operate in. 

Every state that we serve has its own set of laws for restoring firearm rights. For example, restoring gun rights in Indiana differs from California, and California differs from Texas.  Our law firm operates in over 20 states, restoring firearm rights in most states we operate in.  There isn’t enough space here to go over all of these different laws, but the resources on our website are quite extensive in explaining firearm rights restoration in the states where we operate.  

We Fight for 2nd Amendment Rights 

There are many benefits to hiring a law firm like WipeRecord to fight to restore your firearm rights. We work with state and federal agencies in firearm matters on a routine basis, and have restored the firearm rights for thousands of our clients. Our managing partner, Sam Eastman, has a federal firearms license (FFL) which gives him a unique perspective and advantage in working to restore the firearm rights for our clients. 

More than anything, we know what we’re doing.  We’ve received thousands of calls from people who believe they have had their firearm rights restored, only to find out their conviction is still showing up, preventing them from purchasing a gun. Many times this is due to an error made by a government agency (shocker!), but other times their prior lawyers just messed up. T

here are a ton of pitfalls in restoring your firearm rights, and we’ve seen almost all of them at this point. So if you’re looking at different options on how to restore your gun rights after a conviction, you should keep in mind that you’re often not done after a judge grants your order. You need to enforce the results, but you need to know how the system works. 

We understand the importance of restoring your Second Amendment rights. If you want to protect you and your family from the civil unrest that has been inundating our society, go hunting, or simply collect classic guns. Remember, the first step is finding out if you’re eligible, and we have built a tool to help you figure that out.  Good luck & God bless America!   

Take our free, confidential firearm rights eligibility test to figure out if you qualify now.

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  1. I am a convicted felony I need my gun rights restored it’s been 24 years and what time I got left I would love to go hunting with my two sons I haven’t been in no trouble at all I need help with this my phone number is 15022339366 please I already have my rights to vote I just need my gun rights restored thank you

  2. I have felony for carring a gun ny ,20 years now live in Flordia want to have my gun rights ,can my felony be expungement

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