WipeRecord Eligibility Test

Introducing the New WipeRecord Eligibility Test

The WipeRecord website has been updated to include a brand-new eligibility test. Customers can visit our website and find out within minutes whether they are eligible for our legal services. WipeRecord, a division of Eastman Meyler PC, primarily works at expunging and sealing criminal records. We also offer other legal services such as firearm rights restoration, depending on the state. Our firm currently operates in over 15 states, and has successfully represented many satisfied clients.

After months in the making, we are happy to announce a major upgrade to our eligibility test. It’s an easy to use, interactive test equipped with everything you need to determine your eligibility. Furthermore, the test includes an e-commerce option as an added feature. Now, qualified customers may sign up for and purchase certain legal services at the end of the test! You can begin the expungement process from the comfort and privacy of your home.

WipeRecord Infographic

How Does the Eligibility Test Work?

Step 1:  First, you choose the state(s) that your criminal case was located in. Next, you can add however many cases you had in the past. Each case goes through a separate test to determine those that are eligible for expungement, sealing, etc.

Step 2:  Next, the test will ask you to describe your situation, such as:

  • I was arrested, but not convicted of a crime
  • I was convicted of a criminal offense
  • I would like to restore my right to own a firearm

Then, the test will take you through a few more questions like those above. This helps narrow the list of legal services that you’re eligible for. Be sure to read the questions carefully, and always answer truthfully. A help button (?) is provided to answer your questions or to offer more information. Keep in mind, the questions for every state test are different, because each state’s laws are different.

Step 3:  The third and final step leads to your results page. You can now see which services you qualify for based on your responses. For example, you may see the following results if your case was from New Jersey:


WipeRecord Test


This is the point in which you can decide whether to sign up. Below your test results is an option to click “Get Started Now.” Choosing this option leads you to your shopping cart, where you can then pick a payment plan, and begin the check out process. The site will then ask for you to provide a bit of personal information, before prompting you to provide payment information.

Take the Free Test!

The WipeRecord eligibility test and e-commerce are a great resource to help streamline and simplify the expungement process. Remember, if at any time you have a question or don’t understand something, there is an option to speak with a live representative from our office. We understand how difficult it can be living life with a criminal record. Therefore, our firm is hard at work to help put your mistakes in the past and move forward in life.

Finally, be sure to use promo code “LAUNCH” as an online-only special to receive $100.00 off your order.

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