What Are the Expungement Laws in Kentucky?

A new law passed in Kentucky allows state residents who have been convicted of a certain classification of a felony to apply for record clearing, provided they have not racked up any additional charges after the completion of their sentence. Certain crimes remain ineligible for record clearing, specifically crimes involving or related to public corruption, sex crimes, drug trafficking, or crimes against children or the elderly. The law resulted in a significant uptick in applications, with over 460 applications in just two days after the new laws went into effect. Luckily, the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, or the AOC, has been able to successfully keep up with the rush in applications and no backlog exists as of yet. The application process is detailed by an FAQ on the AOC website. Those seeking to request a record expungement will need to have their eligibility approved through a request with the AOC. This can be completed by mail, online, or in person at a cost of $40.

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