Marijuana Expungement Ohio

Marijuana Expungement Ohio

On November 3rd, 2015, Ohioans will vote to legalize recreational marijuana use.   This is a monumental vote as Ohio could become the 5th state to legalize marijuana.  If so, our hope is that they will follow Oregon’s lead and allow for expungement of mostly all types of previous marijuana convictions.

In Ohio, if you have a conviction of marijuana possession or any other type of drug, you may want to consider expunging that offense.  Ohio allows for a record seal for qualifying offenders.  Once complete, an order sealing a prior conviction makes it so that you do not have to disclose the offense and the case is no longer public records.  In fact, Ohio law makes distribution of sealed records a crime.  Generally, an eligible offender has not more than one felony conviction, not more than two misdemeanor convictions, or not more than one felony conviction and one misdemeanor conviction.  This eligibility threshold is subject to some limited exceptions for sex or violent offenses.  A conviction for DUI is  not eligible for sealing under Ohio law.

So, how do you expunge a marijuana conviction in Ohio?  First, you must see if you’re eligible. We suggest you take our FREE expungement eligibility test.  If you are eligible, we will advise you on your options and the cost.  Get started on your Ohio expungement today!

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