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Getting a Job When You’ve Got a Criminal Record

Job Losses in America

The entire nation is currently dealing with the threat of the Coronavirus disease. The global pandemic has quickly created a serious economic impact for the U.S. Many questions are running through American workers’ heads. One of those being, will I still have a job in the near future? Or, what happens if I am laid off? Unfortunately, many businesses may have to consider layoffs during tough financial times. Restaurants are being forced to close, and teachers are having to conduct classes via teleconference. Some industries will be hit harder than others, and many will be wondering about job security in the upcoming months.

Get a Job with a Criminal Record

Having a criminal record makes getting most jobs much more difficult. Some states have enacted “Ban the Box” laws to help those with criminal records get jobs. These laws are a step in the right direction, but they only ban employers from asking about criminal records on the application itself. After the application, passing a criminal background check is still required to get the job by most employers.

Consider Expungement and Sealing

If you can seal, expunge, set-aside, or vacate your criminal record, your ability to get a job will almost always be far higher. Each of these ways of getting rid of your criminal record is different, and depend on state law. For example, a Texas expungement will completely destroy your criminal record. In almost all cases your record will be gone entirely.  In contrast, expungement in California reopens your case and changes the conviction to a dismissed case. The case will still appear on your record, just no longer as a conviction.

The important point to consider is that you start this process as soon as possible. In terms of expungement and record sealing, the process varies in every state. Some services take longer than others, and many courts are postponing hearings and teleconferencing to allow for social distancing. Once society resumes its normal operations, there will likely be many people wanting to clear their criminal record.

If you have a criminal record and want to pass a background check, it’s best to seek the advice of an attorney. The process can be somewhat complicated. Our team of experiences professionals are available to begin working on your case today. The first step is to see whether you qualify, which you can do by taking our free eligibility test. We now operate in 20 states and want to help as many people clear their criminal record as we can.  

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