Should You Expunge Your Record?

Our team speaks to many people on a daily basis from all over the country.  We often educate our clients on their options when it comes to expungement and record sealing laws, as well as other privacy options if they are not eligible for any sort of legal service.

One question that we get a lot is “doesn’t my record go away after “X” amount of years?” The answer is, unfortunately, “NO”.  Your record stays with you forever unless you take the action to expunge or seal it.

We spoke to a woman in her late 50’s who was a psychiatrist and she mentioned she needed her record expunged.  She was convicted of a minor theft in her hometown when she was a young woman. When she applied for her current job many years ago, she was hired because her employer did not run a background check.  After almost twenty-four years of employment at her current job, she wanted to switch jobs and although she was more than qualified to be hired, every potential employer ran a criminal background check and everyone rejected her because she had a criminal past.  When we spoke with her, we found out that she was eligible to expunge her record and after a few months of work, we were able to successfully expunge her record.  She recently called us to let us know that she successfully obtained a new job.  She was so grateful and happy that she could finally put her past behind her and she now knows that this conviction will not hold her back.

We share this story to simply illustrate the power of taking control of your life and situation.  Even if you’re not 100% sure if you have a record, you should still consult a firm to know for sure. If you are eligible, taking advantage of a record expungement may bring you many new opportunities!

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