Happy 2016 from WipeRecord

As the year comes to a close, WipeRecord feels blessed and proud to have helped so many individuals across the country expunge their records and restore their civil rights.  We also feel lucky to have added so many talented individuals to our organization –  from new attorneys to paralegals and operational support.  Everyone at WipeRecord has worked hard to make 2015 a fantastic year.

We started WipeRecord to help those who may have made a mistake in the past with the belief that it shouldn’t haunt or hinder them for the rest of their lives.  Many state legislatures and various politicians are beginning to recognize the power of helping individuals expunge and/or seal their criminal records.  President Obama has commuted 184 prisoners so far in his tenure as President. But “there’s still a lot of work to do,” Obama said. “I still want to work with Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to reform our criminal justice system, and earlier today I commuted the sentences of 95 men and women who had served their debt to society, another step forward in upholding our fundamental ideals of justice and fairness.”

Many states are expanding what and who is eligible to clean up their record. Furthermore, with the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, many people who were once ineligible to expunge their marijuana-related record are now eligible. States like Oregon have led the way in reforming their laws to allow for the expungement of cannabis-related crimes.

Although expungement laws differ by state, we have worked diligently on behalf of our clients to expunge misdemeanors and felonies throughout the country.

Restoration of firearm rights has been in huge demand in 2015, and we expect this trend to continue well into 2016.  One should keep in mind that if your firearm rights have been taken away, there are often measures in place to restore them.  Like expungements and record sealings, each state has different laws regarding this service.  We have worked with many courts in many counties to help individuals successfully restore their rights.  Our attorneys understand the differences of law in these localities, and are equipped to handle various types of cases.

Looking forward to 2016:

We plan to enter more states to help even more Americans expunge their criminal records and move on with their lives. We also intend to help many more Americans restore their firearm rights.  More states will most likely loosen their cannabis laws, thus enabling more cannabis related expungements as well.  We have high hopes for 2016 and look forward to helping many more people well into the future.

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