Graduation with a criminal record

Graduating Soon? Don’t Let Your Criminal Past Take Away From Your Career Potential

If you are one of the many thousands of students graduating from college or a trade school this year and you have a criminal past of any sort, it may make for a bittersweet transition upon graduation.  A criminal history record could pose a significant barrier to obtaining employment. This is something you do not want to ignore, and it is best to explore the options available for expunging or sealing criminal records.  It is best to be proactive about clearing your criminal record.  The last situation a new graduate wants is to have a hard earned diploma, but limited job opportunities.  Being able to pass an employment background check is required for many positions in a variety of different fields.

Regardless of how great your summer internship was, how prepared you may be for the interview, how nice your new suit is, or how well you actually hit it off with the hiring manager, many employers cannot and will not hire you without first passing a criminal background check.

So what can you do? The first step is to find out if you are eligible to have your criminal background cleared (expunged or sealed) so that it will not show up on an employment background check. Record sealing and expungement is already available in a number of states nationwide.  Each year more and more states are passing laws that allow people to seal or hide a prior criminal record.  It is great news that our law makers recognize the barriers imposed by criminal records and are creating avenues for sealing and expungement.  Anything from juvenile offenses to minor misdemeanors to serious felony offenses can be cleared or expunged, depending on the current laws in your state.  Make sure that you start your career post graduation with a clean record.

Here are 3 steps you can take to determine if you have a record, if you are eligible to have your record cleared (sealed or expunged), and how to actually proceed if you are eligible:

1. Go to the eligibility test on the website by clicking HERE

2. Fill out the eligibility test and find out if you are eligible to have your past offense(s) expunged or sealed

3. Contact our legal expungement experts at 844-947-3732 after you have completed the eligibility test to determine what your options are, what the associated fees may be, and how long the process will take

We highly encourage you to follow the above three steps to determine if you can drastically increase your chances of getting that first great job after graduation. offers a low price guarantee and flexible zero-interest payment plans.

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