Going to Canada With a Criminal Record? Not so Fast

Ah, Canada. Our northern neighboring country is filled with many amazing things: pristine mountains, amazing wildlife and picturesque cities. Planning to make a visit? If you have a criminal record, you may want to rethink it.

Canadian law states that individuals with a criminal record may enter the country ten years after their sentence is complete, as long as it is the only mark on their record. Furthermore, the offense must be deemed as “non-serious,” or punishable by less than ten years in prison under Canadian law. Those with more serious criminal convictions like violent crimes or a sexual assaults must go through a formal application to clear the marks. For those with non-violent offenses, they would need to file Criminal Rehabilitation application to resolve their mark.

Those with DUI’s trying to enter Canada are barred from the country. While there are temporary and permanent waivers available to U.S. citizens and other countries, these files can take years to go into effect. It is unlikely Canada will be changing these rules anytime soon. (Source: VICE)

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