Georgia Police Pitching In To Provide Knowledge of Record Expungement

The lives of the legally challenged can be rough sometimes. The Snellville Police Department in Georgia has taken it upon themselves to lend a hand to these struggling individuals who cannot find work.

The department has been organizing events in the local area, such as an upcoming event at Gwinnett High School on June 3rd, to provide information and knowledge to individuals who want to learn about cleaning up their criminal history.  Lt. Tommy Taylor states, “We’re not trying to clear the record of a bank robber, but this could help someone who might have been charged with possession of marijuana 15 years ago. It can help indiscretions so they can get a job and become an upstanding citizen.” Overall, it is great to see the police give back to the community to try and prevent such indiscretions from happening to others.

In 2014, the city of Atlanta implemented the ‘Ban the Box’ policy on city job applications, removing the ‘have you been convicted’ checkbox. 26 states and over 150 cities and counties have implemented this new policy on their own applications. (Source: AJC)

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