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Can a Felon Live with Someone Who Owns a Gun?

Can You Get Your Rights Back?
Most state laws, as well as federal law, prohibit anyone convicted of a felony from possessing firearms or ammunition.  The legal penalties for being a felon in possession of a firearm can be severe. However, people with criminal convictions often have questions about firearm possession and ownership. A popular question that we hear is, can a felon own a gun? If an ex-felon successfully restores their firearm rights, it’s possible for them to legally own a gun. Another common question we receive: can a felon live with someone who owns a gun? In certain cases a felon can have their firearm rights restored. For example, you may apply to restore your firearm rights in New York through a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities. But, because of the complexities of state and federal law, it’s best to consult an attorney. Regardless, if you have a felony criminal record, and live with a gun owner, do you know what to expect?
A Felon in Possession of Firearms
Picture the following scenario.  You have a conviction for a felony or serious misdemeanor.  Because of your criminal record, you cannot legally purchase or possess firearms. However, a significant other, a roommate, or a family member may want to exercise their Second Amendment rights. In many cases, they own a firearm to protect themselves and their residence. Yet, is it unlawful to live with this person when you are barred from gun ownership? Is the person you live with in danger of aiding and abetting the illegal possession of firearms? First, take note that possession is not the same as ownership. What’s important in these cases is that the convicted felon is not in possession of the firearm. However, you can be guilty of constructive possession if the following are true:
  • The felon knows that the firearm was in the home
  • The person had the ability to maintain control over the firearm
A felon can be found in possession of a firearm without ever physically handling the gun. Some courts have found people guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm for this reason. Therefore, if your spouse keeps a loaded gun in the nightstand, and you know it’s there, you can be charged with a crime.[1] Or, there was a case of an individual being found in constructive possession of a firearm when a gun was in the truck of a car he borrowed.[2] Finally, the person who was a lawful gun owner can potentially be criminally liable. Whether a crime has been committed will depend on the circumstances and state law.
What Should I Do to Avoid Prosecution?
The safest option for felons and their housemates is to avoid having a gun in the house altogether.  Although every case is different, sometimes it’s not worth the risk of criminal charges. Hypothetically, precautions such as locking the gun in a safe – with the non-felon having the key – can be taken. However, some terms of release state that you cannot have a firearm in the residence at all. In most scenarios, a prosecutor could still argue that the felon exercised some sort of control over the gun. Since possession of a firearm can be actual or constructive, it’s usually a lose-lose situation. If you have a conviction that prevents you from owning a gun, it’s best to consult an experienced attorney. Many ex-offenders can be eligible for firearm rights restoration, depending on the state. Take our updated eligibility test to see if you qualify for this, or one of our expungement services. [1] United States v. Boykin, 986 F.2d 270 (8th Cir. 1993) [2] United States v. Eldridge, 984 F.2d 943 (8th Cir. 1993)

57 thoughts on “Can a Felon Live with Someone Who Owns a Gun?”

    1. Brian, it’s possible for a felon to own a BB gun. However, all states have different laws, so it’s best to check your local rules.

  1. My step daughter is a convicted felon and up for parole in June. Can she live with us temporary. The work that I do requires me to have a firearm. Will this be an issue. I do have a gun safe and an ammo safe.

  2. me and my pregnant wife live with a gun owner,we were homeless he took us in he has no legs and a lot money i’m taking care of him. i’m on parole will my parole get violated

  3. My daughter and son are both felons if my guns are locked in a safe can they still live with me temporarily. I live in Kentucky

  4. my ex is engaged to a know felon and there are many guns on the premises. can she get in trouble knowing he is.?

  5. I have a homicide over 2t years ago i served no jail time, it was my father..he kept beating my mother for years, we struggled and he was stabbed, then he died..can i get my gun rights back? I didn’t use a gun, it was a knife

  6. I have a homicide over 25 years ago i served no jail time, it was my father..he kept beating my mother for years, we struggled and he was stabbed, then he died..can i get my gun rights back? I didn’t use a gun, it was a knife

  7. In the state of Mississippi what are the rules of having liquor and firearms in a home where a federal parolee will be living . If the guns are locked in a gun safe will the felon or myself be violating parole?

  8. can a felon be charged with possession of firearm even if he has no knowlege it was in the car that he was the passenger

  9. What if a lawful gun owner has the weapon locked in a safe? Is there still grounds for the felon and/or the lawful gun owner to be criminally liable?

  10. If I have guns in my home can my son live on the property in a camper without getting A Felon in Possession of Firearms charges?

  11. One of the gun was locked in a safe and then the cops broke into your house shattered the safe and then convicted your husband or trying to convince him because he is a felon how is that right when he was not in possession of the gun

  12. Live in CA. Have non-violent felon (drug possession) moving into my house. Guns are unloaded and locked in gun cabinet. Each gun is also locked with trigger or cable lock. Can I be held liable? Can he live here without fear of prosecution?

  13. If there is a gun in the house that doesn’t work and I’m a felon can I still be charged with felon in possession of a fire arm

  14. I just wanted to comment on the BB gun question. There is no reason that a felon shouldn’t be able to own a BB gun. Legally and scientifically speaking a BB gun is not a firearm. To be a firearm the projectile must be propelled by a controlled explosion. Example: Gun powder in a bullet casing being ignited by the firing pin striking the primer/casing to ignite the powder and propel the projectile/bullet down the barrel toward a target. A BB gun operates on the compression of air and subsequent release behind the projectile to propel it forward. Calling a BB gun a firearm would be like calling a bow/crossbow a firearm. I also believe that people convicted of a non-violent, non-sexual, or drug related felony shouldn’t be banned from owning firearms.

  15. I have two non violent felonies, can I work in a pawn shop that sells firearms? Or would it still technically be in possession of a firearm?

    1. Dana – good question. It’s likely that you’re able to work in a pawn shop that sells firearms, but you may be restricted from handling them. I would check with your employer, and also look further into state and federal laws which can apply.

  16. Christopher Mc Nees

    All of these comments pertain to the Brady Law. It doesn’t have to do with what type of weapon. What it has to do with is the speed of the projectile. No crossbows no compound bows anything that fires a bullet. The lot does State a black powder weapon design prior to a certain date is allowed. An old American Indian bow also is allowed

  17. I had an felony conviction 20 years ago non violent recieved straight probation afterwards my probation officer said my rights where restored Automatically in Missouri so I went and purchased several weapons after filling out the form ATF 4473 which says I’m exempt if my rights are restored so In 2019 Feb I got denied they said it was because of my case 20 years ago.
    My problem is why now and you already gave me weapons before, with the same record, I know what I can do, but why now why they let me get weapons what has changed or is somebody screwing up. I know I can get it set aside but that cost $$$$

  18. My daughter is in the police academy and I have an old felony on my record. Can she have her gun in my house?

  19. William Torrence

    My son was recently released from federal prison, and is now on federal probation. I am a police officer and obviously have weapons in my home. Will he be in violation of his probation if he resides with me?

  20. I am 26 just inherited a old cap an ball 58 cal. From my dead grandfather I am a felon and got pulled over with the muzzeloader in my truck..I had no gun powder no lead no caps an I am facing prison time for a felon in possession of a fire arm in the 1st degree..doss this sound right can I possibly go to prison for taking my dead grandfathers muzzeloader to storage..I don’t understand I was told it has a bad barrel an not to shoot it sense I was a child now I am looking at a prison sentence?? Washington state really??

  21. My moms boyfriend is a convicted felon , but can i still have my gun since i payed for it, its in my name , so would i have to keep it at a friend’s house or can i still keep it in the house an in my room

  22. I have two houses on the same piece of property I have firearms in my house can someone who is a convicted felon live in the other house technically there not living in a house with firearms but the houses are on the same piece of property

  23. can a convicted felon be charged with being in possession of a firearm if there are old pieces of a pistol in the garage

  24. idk if my brothers a felon but if he is can i sell my gun to his wife if she has no criminal records and they live in the same house.

  25. can i trade the gun to a family member if theres a felon living there but the person im selling to has never got in trouble by the law and we do a bill of sale.

  26. Can a person convicted of assult with a deadly weapon with intent to cause bodily harm but not a felon live in a house with a firearm?

  27. My Brother has a felony on his record. I’m moving with him to some land next week with a house, garage apt. and multiple buildings. Is it legal for my firearms to be in the garage or even on the property to hunt. I’m not sure on the legality of where firearms can be on a felon’s land.

  28. My son is a felon hes getting out of jail and is coming to live with us for a while. We have guns but they are locked up in a gun safe is this ok. Macon Georgia

    1. Hello Donnie – we would need some more information to see exactly how your cases would effect your expungement process. To start, please take our free, confidential eligibility test or give us a call at (844) 947-3732 to speak to one of our representatives.

  29. I live in mass 21 yrs ago I had a manslaughter charge involving drunk driving accident can I ever get my lincense to carry back

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. License to carry laws can be quite specific, and more restrictive than general firearm rights. Unfortunately, we do not currently operate in Massachusetts, but if you’re charge occurred elsewhere, I would suggest you try our free eligibility test.

  30. I live in Illinois, Can I still purchase a firearm if I live with a convicted felon? I don’t have any criminal records and won’t be keeping the firearm at the same residence. I just want to know if I can still purchase one if I live at the same address as said felon.

    1. Hey Jason – it greatly depends on the individual’s situation. There have been cases where felons were charged with possession of a firearm due to living with someone who had a gun. The best option is to not have firearms in the house altogether. We know that this is difficult for many who want to exercise their Second Amendment Rights so we advise you to tell the person you are living with to get an expungement and restore their firearm rights. Take our free, secure eligibility test or give us a call at (844) 947-3732 for more info.

  31. My son will be released from prison within next few months and may stay with me for a few days until a local halfway house begins accepting people after being closed for the corona. He is a convicted felon and we live in Oklahoma. Can he stay with me if I have my guns locked up in a safe and he has no access to it?

    1. Hey Joe. Regarding your question, it greatly depends on the individual’s situation. There have been cases where felons were charged with possession of a firearm due to living with someone who had a gun. The best option is to not have firearms in the house altogether. We know that this is difficult for many who want to exercise their Second Amendment Rights so we advise you to tell the person you are living with to get an expungement and restore their firearm rights. Please take our free, secure eligibility test or give us a call at (844) 947-3732 for more info.

  32. My husband was arrested and is now facing federal charges of USC 992(g)(1). He was pulled over for following the Move Over law; officer’s prerogative to search out of state vehicles, prompted his use of a simple conveyance as justification to stop; the semantic labeling of such as an Erratic Lane Change. He declined permission to search; They still searched; stating his shaking hand as reasonable grounds to assume probable cause hes guilty within the boundless realm of criminal possibilities, which is limited only by the officers imagination; my husband has Thpe 2 Hypertension, the Officer was being overtly aggressive, causing his blood pressure to skyrocket. They found firearms and ammo I mistakenly put in the bed of truck; I loaded them in poor lighting; it was early and I was not fully awake; I often drive that vehicle which is leased under my husbands name due to my poor credit; I was not thinking; He had no idea; I had no idea; I did not even realize what I had done, continuing my separate drive home, until he called from detention. Though optimistic moving to suppress based on failure to preserve exculpatory evidence (4 body cams + 3 dash cams, audio + video) coupled with all officers uniform refusal to testify at hearing (sending instead representative to proffer double hearsay and innuendo); am I in risk of Aiding and Abetting charges regardless of the hypothetical dismissal of his case? Can they use evidence gathered in dismissed case to conjure up charges against me? My concern is if the prosecution loses they will vindictively move on retaliatory attacks against me. Thank you in advance for any response, I appreciate your time.

  33. I have 7 felonys, well if I were in any state other than texas id have one.
    we charge and punish simple possession under a gram… ADDICTS THOSE WITH AN ADDICTION ISSUE, not criminals..
    1st two times 6 mo to 2 yrs
    3rd time 2 to 10 yrs
    4th 2 to 20
    5th 5 to 99
    6th should be and can be 25 to life.

    LAWYER GOT ME … a total of around 6years in prison for all of this, keep in mind felonys have all been run cc {2 or 3 at a time} making 7 felonys 3 prison trips,

    Had to upon paroling 3 times attend some stupid class with ATF u.s marshalls etc telling us well that we as felons regardless of whether your a VIOLENT criminal, or like me, the masses that overcrowd and eat away the majority of our tax funds so that we have hardly shit to give to veterans progams, ssi&ssdi, unemployment, Medicaid, WIC, etc.

    Obviously, I am below FPL, which is as a political goal, their main target. your typical repeat offender is me.

    I am ISO the PSA announcements.

  34. I rent a trailer space from a man who is on probation he thinks I can’t have my guns on the property even though I don’t go into his house can i still keep my gun

  35. Answers were mainly ambiguous! Did not answer my initial question about if it is legal for a convicted felon to live with his girlfriend and she has a loaded firearm in the residence in the state of Indiana.

  36. My boyfriend is ex felon and got arrested for wanton endangerment with fire arm and shit it into wall can he beat this charge by getting probation this first time since got in trouble since 2009 when got arrested for drug charge

    1. Hi Ray – it depends on a few different circumstances. Please give us a call to discuss your situation.

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