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Expunging Your Record: The Benefits

Although the true purpose of a criminal record is intended to simply provide information about a person’s previous arrests and convictions, it also has that possibility of interfering and impacting certain civil rights and opportunities for the affected individual. These rights and opportunities can include things such as employment, firearm rights, or their ability to receive a loan for example.

There are several potential benefits of expunging your record.  A clean background can provide you with the opportunity for a second chance to move towards improving your life in a number of different ways.

Expunging your record may help with the following general areas:

  • Getting a job: Most, if not all of us have experienced the difficulty that a job search can bring. Having a criminal record can decrease your chances of getting a job for which you are otherwise qualified. If you are able to successfully expunge your criminal record, it can increase your chances of finding and securing employment as you’ll be able to check “no” on job applications when asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime. This is important because employers may hold those who do not possess a criminal record in higher regard over those who do.
  • Getting a loan: If you’re looking to buy a new car or house, or otherwise applying to get more schooling, chances are you might need a loan for financial help. However, some loan Dollarphotoclub_100232725-minagencies may associate having a criminal record with the decreased likelihood of being able to meet financial obligations, and meet them within a reasonable time-frame. Lenders may also choose to charge a higher interest rate to someone with a criminal event on their record. This notion, combined with the probable difficulty in finding and securing employment, can create serious barriers for those with a criminal record. Expunging a criminal record can change these circumstances for the better.

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  • Firearm rights restoration: In some cases, restoration of firearm rights is another potential benefit acquired as a result of expunging a criminal record.  Firearm rights restoration can be difficult to petition for depending on the state and the specific circumstances.  The requirements and procedures vary by state and from one case to the next. In some cases, an expungement can act to reinstate certain firearm rights; while in others, a separate petition requesting gun rights restoration is needed. In situations where expungement is either not available or not an option, our attorneys at WipeRecord understand other potential methods and solutions that may be useful in potentially restoring one’s firearm rights, such as “reducing” a conviction to a misdemeanor.
  • Peace of mind: Ultimately, the greatest benefit of being granted an expungement is to finally have the peace of mind knowing your past is truly behind you. Having a criminal record expunged is a very satisfying form of relief because it is a new beginning for a bright future.

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At WipeRecord, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance to learn and grow from mistakes made in the past. WipeRecord strives to provide our clients with a fresh start, full of opportunity for a new life.  While there are many factors that a potential employer or lender may consider beyond your criminal record, expunging your record may ultimately help you in a number of ways such as finding and securing employment, obtaining new housing, or restoring firearm rights.

If you would like to learn more or to discuss a possible case, please give us a call at 844.947.3732 to speak directly with a representative. You can also take our free, secure, and confidential expungement eligibility test here.


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  1. Please do not call me but you may email me. I want to know if a record is expunged do you still have to report the conviction as that it will still appear on your record?

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