Expungement Clinics

At WipeRecord, we are constantly looking to help and give back in our communities.  Because of that, we frequently hold expungement clinics where our attorneys will speak to the benefits of a clean record and how to go about getting one successfully done.  We even sometimes do an expungement for FREE!

Recent Events:

6/25/16 – Austin Justice Coalition Expungement Clinic

What a success!  Thanks to Austin Justice Coalition to helping promote our clinic.  We were able to help many people with the expungement and record sealing process in Texas from correctly filling out the proper forms to giving them explicit instructions on how to file.  We are extremely proud we can give back to our community.  Check out some of the pictures below from WipeRecord’s expungement clinic:

Criminal Expungement Clinic WipeRecord Expungement Clinic Texas Expungement Documents Expungement and Record Sealing docs in Texas WipeRecord and Austin justice Coalition TX Expungement Clinics Austin Criminal Expungement



WipeRecord will be holding more expungement clinics soon. Check back for updates for a clinic focusing on your state!