Criminal Database Removal

Criminal Database Removal

As you may or may not be aware of, not all previous offenses are eligible for an expungement/expunction or record sealing. Why? Well each state has different laws that pertain to what is eligible for expungement or record sealing and what is not eligible. For more information, please contact us by filling out the form here or calling us toll-free at 844.947.3732.

If, after speaking with one of our expungement attorneys, you find out that you are not eligible for an expungement or record sealing, you may want to explore removing your profile from the numerous 40+ online databases with a criminal database removal.

The process is performed through and takes about 1 month. It will remove your from many of the biggest and most prolific online search database. One of the main benefits about Online Privacy Solutions is that we have found that we offer the best prices for comparable services. Trust us – we’ve checked :)!

However, we do have a low price guarantee and if you find a lower price anywhere for a service that is similar to ours, we will match that price for you.

With Online Privacy Solutions, we are often asked if “can I do this myself?” The answer is “sure” but it will take you a few months at least and a lot of headache. We have fine-tuned our business processes to make this entire process as fast and efficient as possible. There are over 40 databases out there that house your information and we have spent many years creating relationships with each of these services/websites so that our requests are answered quickly and efficiently.

Online Privacy Solutions is great for those wanting to apply for a job or an apartment. Landlords and employers will often use these online databases to search out your information. We have a success rate (over 95%) of getting our clients removed from the 40+ databases through our unique business process.