Can I Get an MBA With a Criminal Record?

As stated in previous posts, one of the benefits of expunging your record includes applying for student loans if an individual decides to pursue higher education. Furthermore, many schools will ask about and look into the existence of any criminal record of an applicant. By getting a master’s degree, you can apply for higher-end jobs in large companies, and earn the chance to acquire more income. But, an important question remains: can a person apply for a master’s degree with a criminal record? The general answer is yes; however, it’s obviously best to pursue an expungement or record seal of some sort first. Still, if you are not eligible for these legal services, the seemingly insurmountable task of obtaining an MBA can be accomplished if the correct steps are taken.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Every university is different, as every school president has a different outlook on individuals with criminal records. This also means that each school’s rules on students with a criminal past may differ as well. So, how do you approach this tricky situation? Most college applications will have a section asking if you have a criminal background, with a follow-up section asking what the mark on your record is for and why it happened. In this section, you need to write your most well thought out account of how you have learned from your experience and what you are doing to make up for it. You must explain the circumstances of the conviction, the lessons you learned, and how you are moving forward with your life. This could include stating the impact you are having on others, like getting involved in the community, educating others and aiding in the workforce. If you can somehow put into words how your experience has changed you for the better, and how you are benefiting others, the school’s admissions might feel inclined to forgive you and allow you to pursue your dreams of higher education.

Each state’s laws and rules on applying for higher education vary, and each criminal case is different as no two situations are the same. As we also explained earlier, each head of a school/admissions department has different views of individuals with criminal records applying for higher education. Some will recognize that everyone makes mistakes in their lives, so if the individual comes up with a terrific written account of how they have utilized their experience to their benefit, then their chances of getting into that school will likely be better.

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