Buyer Beware: Mistakes Enforcing an Expungement Could Cost You a Job!

Not All Background Checks Are Created Equally

Big data means big business, and background check companies are cashing in. Over $2 billion dollars were spent last year on background checks in the U.S. alone. The background check industry has flourished because most employers and landlords require background checks to obtain employment or housing.  However, not all background check companies are created equally.

Recently, inexpensive background check sites such as BeenVerified and Instant Checkmate have flourished at the expense of your privacy.  While these sites are easy to use, they cannot be used for making employment or housing decisions, as they do not comply with federal and state laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of employers and landlords who illegally use these unregulated sites to save money.

In contrast, many background search companies like Sterling Talent Solutions, the owners of, abide by federal and state law, and use their best efforts to maintain accurate databases of criminal records.  If these companies are made aware that a criminal record has been expunged or sealed, they are legally obligated to remove your criminal record from their databases. The key is that they must be made aware in order to remove your record.

Properly Enforcing Your Expungement Can Be the Difference

With thousands of background check websites and services, it can be very difficult and cumbersome for the average person to properly enforce their expungement and have it removed from both the background check websites and services described above. This is one of the major problems people face when trying to expunge or seal a criminal record on their own. Without proper enforcement, an expunged or sealed record can often appear in a background check. Unfortunately, navigating the maze of websites, services and databases to properly enforce an expunged or sealed record can be very difficult for the average person, or even many attorneys who are not familiar with the process.

Expunging or sealing your record is of little value if prospective employers, landlords, and the general public can still access your criminal history.  This is why WipeRecord, a division of Eastman Meyler, PC, has invested so much time and resources into understanding the enforcement process, and forming relationships with companies such as Sterling Talent Solutions and many of the other major companies in the industry. Due to these relationships, our law firm is able to offer Expedited Expungement Enforcement, which results in records being removed much faster than they otherwise would be by law.

Most other law firms simply do not understand the process or do not have the industry relationships to offer these types of services.  This is why you should choose a law firm that focuses on criminal record removal services.  If you are serious about clearing up your past by expunging or sealing your record, you owe it to yourself to do it right.  Our law firm is happy to evaluate your case for free by calling our experienced staff at (844) 947-3732, or simply take our online eligibility test to see if you qualify!

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